Scalable Design : Your Next Unicorn iOS App

Rahul Goel
3 min readJul 28, 2021


This article intends to give the testable start-off point for ios-devs trying to ship their very first app to App Store.

What : List of latest news to be pulled from news-api, parsed and shown as a list on home screen of the iOS app. App Code should be written in a way, making it mostly testable by writing unit test with XCTest framework.

How : I have used MVVM for structuring the code paired with unit tests written via XCTest.

High Level Design Code:

  1. HomeViewController : Class consisting of UI part of the app.

2. HomeViewModel: Class to provide all the data HomeViewContoller or view from models.


3. HomeAPIManager: Class to fetch news from news-api end points


4. News: Model for the News item from news-api response.


5. NewServices: Protocol to fetch news from news-api end points.


6. HomeViewModelDelegate: Delegate to send across info from ViewModel to HomeVC.


Test High Level Design :

  1. MockHomeAPIManager:
  1. MockHomeViewDelegateImplementation:
  1. HomeViewDeleegateTests:

Here is the GitHub link for the repo.

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