Top Array Programs For Interview: Swift 5.0 | Part -7

Rahul Goel
2 min readJul 22, 2020


Part of Quick ramp up Data Structure series to understand standard operations implemented using Swift.

Do check out Part-1, Part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6 before proceeding further.

36. Keyboard Row :

“Keyboard Row”

37. Remove Element :

“Remove Element”

38. Running Sum of 1d Array :

“Running Sum of 1d Array”

39. Shuffle the Array :

“Shuffle the Array”

40. Maximum Product of Two Elements in an Array :

“Max Product of Two elements in an array”

41. XOR Operation in an Array :

“XOR operation in an Array”

42. Number of Good Pairs :

“Number of Good Pairs”

43. Kids With the Greatest Number of Candies :

“Kids with the Greatest Number of Candies”

44. Number of Students Doing Homework at a Given Time :

“Number of Students Doing Homework at given time”

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